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am a new user to the blender community and have noticed a few things. The first thing I noticed was the shear number of sites that have gone down since blender went open source. Luckily a good majority of tutorials are still out there for those who are new to blender. There are also a good deal of Modeling tutorials for those that aren't new to blender and wish to learn a new method of modeling. The second thing I noticed is that beyond the very simplest of tasks for Blender there are no tutorials for people wishing to take that next step but aren't quiet ready for the most advanced tutorials.

The thing I was having trouble with was the web publishing. I was able to find information on how to display your .blend files online and immediately jumped on it. I followed the directions and put my scene onto the webpage I had ready for it. What I immediately noticed was the lack of texture. This was the start of my problems. And this is where my tutorial will start.

Step 1
: UV Texturing

This is the first step to creating a web hosted game using the Blender Game Engine. Luckily for me there is a really nice tutorial at If you go to their Info Center and click on the Using Blender Link then folow it to Tutorials you will find some fairly nice gameEngine tutorials. Take a look around those to learn how to write the game that you will learn how to publish here.

Step 2
: Packing your Blender Data

This is the step that I had the most trouble with. It's not that this is a hard step, it is actually very simple, there are just no tutorials out there that teach you how to do this. You need to pack all of the textures that you applied in step one before you pack your entire file. In other words:

  1. Where on the picture the arrow for number one is pointing (This is the texture window you used in Step 1 above) you need to select all of the individual textures you UV mapped to your scene. On each of this pictures you need to click the little gift box next to its name. If you forget any of them you won't get that texture in your web game.
  2. After you pack all of your textures you need to click on the tool menu at the top of your screen. Inside of that menu click the pack data button to pack all of your data...... That's it. That is all you have to do.

Step 3
: Posting your Blender Data

This step also has a tutorial devoted to it at Follow the directions above to get to the tutorials page.

Good Luck and have fun publishing your games for all to see. If you want to see my first web game click here to see it.