World image with a 'G' inlaid.Graphical Arcitectual Engineers Anonymous

he GAEA Project is an OpenGL project that will create a 3D "cabin world" that will be navagible and through user input.

Currently "cabin world" is planned to consist of mountainous geography with the appropriate plant life, a two-bedroom cabin, and a lake.

The user experience will begin with the user "waking up" in a bedroom in the cabin. He/she may then explore "cabin world" as he/she pleases.

e are currently in the planning phase of the project. One of our first concerns has been what method to use in creating a log cabin. The following are illustrations of your plans to implement the logs to construct said cabin.

The image to the left is a representation of a straight-on view of one of our logs. The logs will consist of a cylinder unioned with a box. This will allow the inside of the cabin to have smooth walls and the outside to have a rounded look.
By stacking our logs we will acheive one of our cabin walls.
This is a sample of what an interior wall should look like straight-on.

lso, we needed to come up with a good way to display water in OpenGL. The following are smaple images. You can also [download] water code.